Hello, Bitcoin Gaming.

The Bitcoin Game Crowdfunds Coming Up

We’re happy to announce that three Bitcoin gaming projects will be released on Geyser in April:

  • Day Of Genesis by @tonimoral23, a play-to-earn deckbuilding game built on Lightning. LIVE HERE!
  • Lightning Rebel by @Distrito_P2E, a play-to-earn arcade game for mobile and desktop. LIVE HERE!

Crowdfunding Bitcoin Gaming

As described by Desiree Dickerson, CEO of THNDR, Bitcoin gaming offers a unique opportunity to onboard the world (3.1 billion gamers) onto Bitcoin because “gaming is the perfect onramp for people who never thought about Bitcoin. It’s a no-brainer.” (CoinDesk, @dickerson_des)

  • Building a community following around their idea that can provide guidance and feedback
  • Garnering financial support from the community to back the building of the idea
Check out Geyser.fund
  • Submit your campaign idea here.
  • Follow us on Twitter at @geyserfund.



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crowdfunding the world with bitcoin on lightning⚡